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We Love To Fly

Uploaded by PaulDoppler 1 week ago

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We Love To Fly

We love to fly ... never get back down. Gradient Freestyle 3 is a completely new development by the Gradient Team and was designed in cooperation with experienced acro pilots. The wing’s main characteristics are the highly stable profile, easy stall characteristics and sensitive handling in deep stall – fundamental basics for an up-to-date freestyle wing. gliders: Freestyle 3 by gradient music: Tor - Heikki cam: beautiful RED footage by Jan Gruber, Alois, Kuri, Paul locations: Bischling (Austria), Dolomites (Italy) pilots:

A Higher Point of View

Ozone paragliders and kites are one of the world's leading paragliding, paramotoring, kitesurf, snow kite and power kite manufacturers. Since 1998, has produced flying tools designed specifically to enhance your atmospheric adventures. Our range of wings currently spans several sports and disciplines, from the highest levels of paragliding competition to paramotoring, speed-flying, and acro. Our team of pilots contains world champions, world record holders, and some of the most hardcore para-alpinists and vol-bivouac pilots in the world. But, in the end, every Ozone pilot is the same as us in the sense that one thing drives us all: A passion for flight. Come with us, for a higher point of view!

The Sounds of Paragliding

Théo de Blic welcomes you to a unique experience: The Sounds of Paragliding. First: put on your headphones or turn up the volume, otherwise the beauty of this clip might be lost. Sounds of Paragliding is a new video from director Shams, and sound engineer Thibaut Darscotte who took special equipment into the skies above France to record the sounds of Théo de Blic's acrobatic paragliding. Instead of amping up the music and intensity like so many high-speed stunt/wingsuit/skydiving videos these days, Shams instead slows everything down to focus on only the sounds created by Blic's floating through the air at incredible speed. It doesn’t really get going until after 2:00, but is completely worth it. || Director : Shams - || Sound Engineer : Thibaut Darscotte - || Pilot : Théo de Blic - || Music : Thomas Newman - Brooks was here

Kids are amazing!

Just amazing, the future champions are training today. Fun at Dune du Pyla, France with the kids.

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