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Kids are amazing!

Uploaded by Christian Koschutnig 4 days ago

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Kids are amazing!

Just amazing, the future champions are training today. Fun at Dune du Pyla, France with the kids.

Comeback to Wonderland

The second Part of a very nice flying Session in Ölüdeniz ( Turkey ) and the great Comeback with my Synchropartner Robin Cavanak at Team FluGeil! Enjoy

Parabatix - Paramotor race over Dubai

SHORT DOCUMENTARY DONE FOR "PARABATIX" over Dubai. This is a short film about what Parabatix Sky Racers is all about. The future of Aerial Action Sports! 360° tactical sky race ... It doesn't get much more extreme than this! The world’s best freestyle paramotor pilots sky racing round a ground skimming aerial race course. Swooping round pylons, under bridges while racing milliseconds against the clock... This is the ultimate sky race!

Tandem + Acro = Tandemonium!

Flying tandem for North Shore Paragliding in 2014 outside camera by Herminio Cordido and Todd Weigand Music By- Artist: Karuan Title: Give What You Want

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