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Comeback to Wonderland

Uploaded by FluGeil 5 days ago

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Comeback to Wonderland

The second Part of a very nice flying Session in Ölüdeniz ( Turkey ) and the great Comeback with my Synchropartner Robin Cavanak at Team FluGeil! Enjoy

Parabatix - Paramotor race over Dubai

SHORT DOCUMENTARY DONE FOR "PARABATIX" over Dubai. This is a short film about what Parabatix Sky Racers is all about. The future of Aerial Action Sports! 360° tactical sky race ... It doesn't get much more extreme than this! The world’s best freestyle paramotor pilots sky racing round a ground skimming aerial race course. Swooping round pylons, under bridges while racing milliseconds against the clock... This is the ultimate sky race!

Tandem + Acro = Tandemonium!

Flying tandem for North Shore Paragliding in 2014 outside camera by Herminio Cordido and Todd Weigand Music By- Artist: Karuan Title: Give What You Want

We Move Lightly - XC Record

Nine pilots who launched from Kahramanmaras, flew all across Mesopotamia to set the National XC Open Distance Record. The goal was to outfly the previous record of 259 km. After some 7 hours, climbing up with 7 m/s thermals, gliding at as high as 5000 m, flying over 100 km/h groundspeed, and surpassing more than 300 km, the journey was completed. South East Turkey July 29, 2014 Track logs: Hakan Akcalar (Turkish National XC Distance Record): Basat Okay (Turkish National XC Distance Record) [EN D]: Muharrem Kilic: Umut Yetistiren: Dora Goksal: Gokhan Caglayan (Turkish National and European XC Distance Record) [EN B]: Yunus Nedim Mehel: Volkan Gumuskaya: Dervis Mahmutoglu: Read the full story on Cross Country Magazine 155th Issue! Music by: Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly Footage by: Basat Okay, Gokhan Caglayan, Hakan Akcalar, Dora Goksal Directed & Edited by: Dora Goksal Thanks a million to: Mahmut Hopur, Muharrem Kilic, Members of Kahramanmaras Sportif Havacilik Kulubu (MAHAVK), Members of Gaziantep Sportif Havacilik Kulubu (GASHAK), Albatros Sportif Havacilik Kulubu, and as always, METU Aviation Society (ODTU HAT)

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