Red Bull X-Alps 2013 - soon to come Competitions

RED BULL X-ALPS 2013 WILL SOON COME. We present you this video as a reminder for 2011; we cannot wait for the new 2013 Red Bull X-Alps to start. It was a spectacular end to the world’s toughest adventure race today with a close duel between two athletes sparring for second place. Christian Maurer clinched victory at 16:22 on Thursday, and at that time, his nearest followers were over 150 km away. As dawn broke, Coconea set off. He ran fast through the twisting valleys that lead to Monaco, sometimes averaging 10 km/h and living up to his nickname, ‘the raging Romanian.’ Meanwhile, Guschlbauer bade his time. He knew good flying conditions were forecast, and elected to hike to the same launch place above Isola that Maurer had used two days ago. For the fans following the action, whether on location or via Live Tracking on the website, the Red Bull X-Alps will provide a feast of drama, action and adventure.

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